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Bulk Ingredients

We specialize in providing quality Wholesale bulk raw material, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Minerals,  Herbal Extracts, Food Grade Ingredients. Our ingredients are always available with the shortest lead time possible


We offer a full range of encapsulation services including two-piece Hard-Shell gelatin, vegetarian or Halal. Our monthly production output is approxi. 20 million capsule pieces. Our production output is about one-week lead-time.

Labs Service

We offer analytical Method Development & Validation, Stability Studies to ICH standards, Microbiological Testing and Clinical Trial bulk supplies


Our tableting department includes fully automated tablet presses, and 96 different tablet punches, all sizes with the capability to produce 3.5 billion tablet pieces annually. Our production output is paralleled by a two-week lead-time.


Complete film and Color coating processes to meet your  requirements. Our coating processing is only one to two days lead-time.


We have a Registration Department that assists our clients with the product registration process in each country.


Our powder milling facility has the capacity to blend up to 500 kg per batch ensuring product consistency. One shift alone can blend over 5,000 kg of powder.


Our packaging line has the capability to  package up to 5000 bottles and 3000 blister cards per day. Our packaging output is only two days lead-time.

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