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Custom Manufacturing

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Custom Manufacturing

ANC is a full-service contract manufacturer of herbal, vitamin, mineral, and dietary supplements. AIE offers a comprehensive package of nutritional and Nutraceuticals products and services. All products are manufactured under strict FDA guidelines, with top quality control and are tested by batch, or by lot, for potency. All ingredients are derived from natural sources; there are no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no preservatives and no added fillers.

Our manufacturing & packaging services can produce tablets, capsules, and powder products with a prompt delivery schedule. We offer a total solution package for nutritional product marketers. AIE Pharmaceuticals is a solid dose manufacturing expert specializing in:

  • Multivitamin/minerals (singles and combinations)

  • Botanicals (singles and combinations)

  • Botanical/vitamin/mineral combinations

  • Specialty formulas

We offer these extensive capabilities:

  • Precision ingredient weighing

  • Ingredient blending

  • Encapsulation – two-piece gelatin, vegetarian or Halal

  • Tablets and Chewable – various stock shapes and sizes

  • Coating – aqueous-based applications

  • Powder blending up to 500kg per batch  

  • Packaging – complete turnkey unit bottle packaging

Powder Blending Services

Our powder milling facility has the capacity to blend up to 500 kg batches ensuring product consistency. In addition to blending purposes, our blending facility is also available for pure powder contracts.


Our monthly production output is approximately 20 million capsule pieces. Our production output is only paralleled by a two-week lead-time. We have also started a new service for online health distributors and retailers. With the boom of the Internet and online commerce, increasingly companies are seeking faster turnarounds. At AIE, we are willing to provide very quick lead times of a day for small orders.

Two-piece Hard-Shell Gelatin Capsules

We offer a full range of contract manufacturing and encapsulation services to our clients including two-piece Hard-Shell gelatin encapsulation that meet the diverse specifications of various Nutritional products.

Halal Gelatin Capsules

Gelatin is basically a processed and refined animal protein, derived from bones, hides and collagenous connective tissues. It has a variety of industrial applications especially those related to food processing, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics & toiletries, photography, printing and many more. For the Muslims community, availability of Halal Gelatin is a very sensitive issue to ensure the consumption of genuinely Halal quality products. We are using the best quality of edible and pharmaceutical grade gelatin from bovine sources that meets the highest international standards and specifications.


Vegi Caps

We also provides an alternative for the vegetarian market called Vegi Caps.  It contains no animal by-products, starch, sugar, corn, soy, wheat, yeast, dairy products, artificial colors or preservatives. These VegiCaps are made from pure carbohydrate gum, derived from naturally occurring vegetable cellulose. In simple terms, cellulose is a plant fiber - the structural building block of all of Nature's life-giving plants.

Kosher Caps

The Jewish religion has specific rules and regulations for the safe consumption of food. Based upon the first five books of the Holy Bible, the Hebrews of Biblical times learned food preparation, acceptable food combinations and which animals were OK to eat. Some Jewish adherents still follow these rules. Kashrut, or kosher, is the name for the rules followed by Jewish adherents. For gelatin to be kosher, it must come from a vegetarian source or be produced in a specific way.



One of the most popular dosage mediums in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, its benefits includes solid compression and affordable prices. Our tableting facility is a fully enclosed, temperature, and humidity controlled facility. Our tableting department includes Four Fully Automated Tablet Presses, with the capability to produce 3.5 billion tablet pieces annually.  


Contract Packaging

AIE facility is FDA registered/Kosher compliant with climate controlled packaging suites where food grade products are packaged or repackaged under strict quality control. AIE has the flexibility and expertise to provide packaging services for projects of all sizes.

  • Complete packaging of capsules, and tablets.

  • Application of labels, lot number, expiration date, security seal under the cap, and an additional security seal around the bottle neck.

  • We can supply various size bottles and caps, and assist in label design and printing. 

  • Bottle filling of tablets & capsules


Exports & Products Registration

AIE Pharmaceuticals has researched, manufactured and marketed natural products worldwide and is internationally recognized contract manufacture, known for its quality and service. Actively, AIE serves over 50 countries around the world. We have a Registration Department that assists our clients with the product registration process in each country if required by the local health authorities. 

We currently export to Canada, Brazil, Central and South America, Mexico, Turkey, Norway, United Kingdom, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Germany, Portugal, Romania, Lithuania, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Philippines, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Lebanon, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, and Australia. We are familiar, and have experience with, many countries' import regulations.


Laboratory Service

  • Analytical Method Development & Validation

  • Stability Studies to ICH standards

  • EU QP release to market

  • Regulatory services

  • Protocol Development

  • Sampling Analysis & Trending

  • Microbiological Testing

  • Clinical Trial bulk supplies

  • Clinical Trial packaging

Quality Control

WE ensure quality, from raw materials, throughout production, to final shipment. AIE Pharmaceuticals controls quality by:  

  • Stringently scrutinizing and qualifying all prospective suppliers

  • Quarantining all incoming raw materials immediately upon receipt

  • Analyzing raw materials before releasing them to production

  • Re-analyzing raw materials on a periodic schedule as required

Quality Assurance

The dietary supplements we ship to you are consistently the very best-without exception! AIE Pharmaceuticals assures quality by:

  • Analyzing every formulation to confirm ingredient accuracy

  • Conducting in-process inspections throughout manufacturing: We monitor fill-weight, hardness, thickness, disintegration and friability.

  • Testing for full compliance verification

  • Visually inspecting every finished unit-dose

  • Quarantining finished goods until Q.C. chemists complete a final quality control review

  • Retaining bottled samples of each production batch by Q.A./Q.C. for future reference

Special Products and Formulas

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