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HSC-C100 Polishing and Sorting Machine

HSLC100 Capsule Polisher & Sorter is a polishing and sorting machine for capsules. It can not only be used to polish capsules and eliminate static electricity on capsules, but also automatically remove unqualified capsules with defects such as low weight, empty shells, fragments and cap-body separation. Small size, beautiful appearance, adjustable height and angles. It can be connected to any types of capsule filling machine. Time set to increase quality and efficiency. Adopts high quality stainless steel inside the polishing chamber. Adopts quick detachable brush and bearing in the main axle. The brush and bearing can be dismounted easily. The hair of brush will not drop. Different sizes of brushes can be changed to meet the needs of different capsules. Safety device is available. The rotational speed is controlled by converter. It can automatically sort out capsules with low weight, empty body or scratches.
Machine Specifications

  • Capacity

    • 420,000 pcs/h

  • Vacuum Pump

    • 2.7m3/h

  • Dimensions

    • 1080 x 1240 x 1930mm (LxWxH)

  • Compressed Air

    • 30Pa

  • Voltage

    • 220V 60Hz 1 phase

  • Overall Dimensions

    • 900 x 600 x 1100mm (LxWxH)​

  • Weight

    • 45kg​

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